Friday, July 01, 2011

"It’s not just about planning"

Alistair Noble is an individual who cares passionately about the Nairnshire community. As a Community Councillor he works on our behalf along with his colleagues on Suburban, River and West CC’s. This observer wishes that our Highland Councillors would show and articulate a bit of the vision that Alistair has for Nairn and the County beyond. Here’s just a little of what he had to say on Tuesday night at the CC meeting:

"There seems to be a movement back to localities, back to locals being involved in the planning and in my opinion, and you’ve heard me say this consistently, it’s not just about planning, it’s not just about housing, it’s about the whole integrated resource framework, it’s about Health & Social Care, it’s about a whole lot of issues that are going to come our way and I think it’s really important that we’ve got a fantastic opportunity here with the decision around Nairn Community Councils and to a certain extent things like the Nairnshire Partnership to actually getting back to a clear planning process that everyone understands. "

Thank goodness we’ve got folk like Alistair involving themselves in these matters on our behalf. The only limit to our success as a community is ourselves, does anyone else feel that Highland Council sometimes acts as nothing more than an obstacle to that?


Anonymous said...

alister is a doctor,and i believe he should stick to medicine,and keep his nose out of planning issuses...

(the rest not published - so it sort of made it into the comments _ Gràisg)

Anonymous said...

large scale planning should be decided by people living in Nairn not the chosen few, regardless of who are chosen by.
A postal vote on big isues wouldn't cost much, and then you would have true public opinion, the way it should be, not just people objecting because the development is in their back yard.