Monday, July 18, 2011

Traffic lights switched on - Nairn survives?


Despite the ongoing delays as work continues at Balmakeith (picture above), Nairn seems to have survived the big switch-on yesterday. This morning as the rush hour got underway traffic seemed to be moving along the A96 in smaller groups and perhaps a little slower than normal. Motorists waiting to exit from the Moss-side Road junction and the Grantown Road seemed to be getting their fair share of green lights too. Community Councillor Ian Gordon told the Gurn that he thought the lights seemed to be working well as he parked up in the town centre car-park. Pictures of the lights in action here.

How was it for you today, any problems?


Anonymous said...

bloody lights at grantown road,i sat for 2 mins waiting for lights to turn,and no cars came from elgin area,2 minutes isnt a lot,but its still 2 minutes of sitting,,,,waiting,and annoying if no traffic is coming,
damned lighs,and planners,,get it right or get them out(both)

Anonymous said...

was reading articles in the press this week end about the expected "Carmageddon" in Los Angeles this past weekend and feared a similar fate could await Nairn I went through Nairn at 8.20 this morning no problems , the only delay was at the Loc loy usual.

Maybe I will have to eat my words, as things can only improve when the roundabout opens.

Keep Nairn Safe Than Sorry said...

I must agree i think it wasnt to bad a idea to build a new roundabout coming into Nairn outside Sainsburys new store. It will slow people down a bit from speeding into Nairn at a safe speed. Ive witnessed so many accidents and peoples deaths over years on that road through people being Drunk/Speeding or just through there own ignorance.I hope most people will agree with me if it saves somebodys life i cant bee to wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ive sat for ages many a time trying to get onto the A96 at Waverly road/Manse road junctions (aye and before any work started for Sainsburys or the new lights).

I think we will have to wait till the schools are back etc before we can see the true affect of the new systems - so far no problems getting into the flow of traffic.

I dont mind planning extra time for my journey especially when the effects produce a safer enviroment with less people speeding their way through the town!


Green Lite said...

Leopold Street. Green light only allows 4 cars out onto the A96, not because of traffic sat stationary on the A96 but just the short time given by the lights

The lights will be a constant spanner waiting to fall in the works if you ask me

John said...

hi mosside lights are going thru the complete cycle ie a96 first fine, then mosside fine.not then pedestrian crossing but no pedestrians crossing not fine

Lamplighter said...

Well, we are now into what is supposedly the trial period for adjustment and testing of the new traffic lights. Has anyone noticed who is monitoring, checking the queuing times, counting the backed-up vehicles? Is anyone doing so? Are the new lights synchronised with the pedestrian-operated ones (eg at Harbour Road/The Brae)? Is the volume of traffic on the unofficial Croy-Cawdor-Auldearn "bypass" being measured?

Do the planners have a baseline against which they can measure whether the new lights are speeding up or slowing down the flow? Is anyone measuring the contribution to the Council's 'green' targets of emissions from vehicles stopped at the lights? Have the folk who recommended the installation of these extra lights got ANY idea of how to assess their impact?

I think we should be told.....