Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sainsbury's Nairn helping the Community already!

The Nairn Pensioners Social and Luncheon Club will receive a donation of £500 from Sainsbury’s Nairn. The donation will allow the group to enjoy a High Tea to round off their day out to Pitmedden Gardens in Aberdeen shire.

A spokesperson from the group has said “we are looking forward to visiting the new store on the morning of the grand opening on august the 3rd to collect our cheque before we leave on our bus trip”

Store manager, Raymond Barton, said, “We are very proud to make our first donation as a new Sainsbury’s store to this local group. We are dedicated to helping the local community and we look forward to dealing with many other local Charities and Community groups in the future”

The Nairn Pensioners Social and Luncheon Club meet on Mondays and Thursdays in the Nairn Community Centre for lunch. In summer months the group embarks on monthly trip to local areas of interest. Sainsbury’s donated fresh fruit, vegetables and meats to the club after the taster day held at the community centre earlier this month


Anonymous said...

Well done Sainsburys

Moira Maxwell said...

Thank you very much Sainsbury for supporting the Nairn Senior Citizens club,your support is much appreciated.

Moira Maxwell
Club President

Anonymous said...

A day trip OUT of Nairn!!!! Disgraceful.

Any day trip should be done only within Nairn itself. After all "local daytrips, for local people". We can't possibly have people from Nairn going to other places enjoying themselves and spending money outwith Nairn. If Nairn is afterall the centre of the known universe, all activities for Nairnites should be restricted by law to Nairn town boundaries only. After all it would be in the long term interest of Nairn, not to let locals out, and not to let outsiders in!

Your joking said...

Dear Anonymous who made the comment about the day trip out of Nairn is cordially invited to The Nairn Senior Citizens Luncheon Club who meet each Monday & Thursday in The Community Centre
could they kindly pop in say about 12mid day to entertain us before lunch as its apparently clear you are a comedian.