Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the agenda for the "Usual Suspects"

The agenda for the Combined Usual Suspects (community councils) meeting on Monday night has now been published and can be seen here. River CC also meet on Tuesday and their agenda is here.

As we have said recently this inauguaral meeting of the Combined talents of River, West and Suburban Community Councils could be a major step forward for our community against Invercentric forces based in Glenurquhart Road - on the other hand it could be a disaster movie from the moment it sets sail. Why not pop along to the community centre to see for yourself?

The Gurn wishes the usual suspects well tomorrow night. The Gurn is proud to support the usual suspects in their efforts to get a better deal for Nairn.

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Anonymous said...

What is the point of having the A96 traffic lights on the agenda? Do they think their heavyweight discussions will have the decision to site them all along the main road reversed? The bleeding things are already up - end of discussion - move on! Affordable and social housing in Nairn - stop bleating on about it - there is none - deal with it! If these people want to "do something about it" suggest they find ways of financing affordable housing through the private sector because there is nothing in the Govt pot! Statistcis also show that if affordable housing were available it would still not be "affordable" to most young people on low wages in Nairn.