Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scottish Community Councils Association to close

There's no doubt that the Community Councils are a very important part of the fabric of our community and regular readers here will be well aware of their constant efforts on our behalf in Nairnshire. Undoubtedly the problems experienced here in Nairn as the community fights to get back power lost to the centralising local authority will be mirrored across Scotland. It is a pity then to hear that the Association of Scottish Community Councils is to close following Scottish Government cutbacks.

The Association has issued an outspoken attack on John Swinney, they say:

"1200 Community Councils in Scotland are now without a collective voice, and a national presence. It seems the unkept promises to Community Councils from the Government’s 2007 Manifesto were only the beginning. Mr Swinney has just given the best possible gift to the bureaucrats and politicians who have resented and marginalised Community Councils since they were established in 1973."

It does seem a shame that there will no longer be a full-time resource for the likes of our hard working Community Councillors in Nairn to refer to when they need quick help and advice. It's all down to cash now it seems. You can read the full press release from the ASCC here.

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