Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picking up your doggie's jobbies week

If anyone doesn't do that by now will a publicity campaign do anything to convince them? Reading a press release from Highland Council it emerges that 20 people were fined £40 each across the Highlands for leaving pooch turds in their wake:
"The law makes it an offence if a dog fouls anywhere to where the public have access. Any waste must be immediately pick it up and dispose of correctly. If not dog owners can face a £40 penalty.
Over 20 dog walkers were fined in the Highlands last year for failing to pick up after their dogs.
James Sanderson Education and Enforcement officer with The Highland Council said: “Despite the signs, the posters and the free bags there are still dog walkers who think it is okay to leave dog waste on the ground. Some people think it’s alright if their dog fouls on a beach but this is in many ways worse as children will play with the sand and walk on beaches in bare feet. The tide can wash sand over a dog mess and it makes a beach like a minefield for anyone wanting to enjoy the beautiful coastal areas we have in our Highlands.”

This observer feels that forty quid is not enough. £400 for a first offence, doubling for every subsequent offence would be the way to go for both jobbies and litter. For more information on National Poop Scoop Week click here.


side stepper said...

Should it be £4000 for horses then?
There has been many a time I've had to side step one of those bad boys!

Brian Turner said...

I usually take an extra bag with me on each walk with my dog, to clear up a poop from someone else's if I come across one.

I presume I'm not the only person who does this, and would recommend other dog owners consider it.

After all, no point letting a few bad owners spoil the town for everyone else, including ourselves.

Full of s.... said...

Well done Mr Turner, Nairn's number one pooper scooper (or should that read number two :)

Send that man a prize and a pile of bags, problem sorted

Agrieved said...

I like the ones who bag it and then leave the bag lying about, like the one at the end of my street. Culbin is also full of them.

Graisg said...

Yes aggrieved, that is bizzare behaviour. Just what is the motive for that?

Graisg said...

Yes full of, good work there by Brian.