Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dead Dolphin?

This picture in from Charlie Black. Taken on the rocks near the swimming pool on the West Beach. He isn't sure but he thinks it might be a dead Dolphin calf. It would be extremely sad if one of the local Moray Firth Dolphins has come to grief.

The Gurn also heard today about an article in the Forres Gazette of a 4ft long dog-fish being seen by the pier at mid-day on Saturday the 25th of June. Picture and details in the Forres Gazette.

UPDATE: Another of the regulars came across a dead mature Dolphin last Sunday a quarter of a mile past the bothy on the Delnies shoreline.


Spurtle said...

It's difficult to tell from the photo but the shape of the forehead and the apparent absence of a beak would lead me to think it was more likely a harbour porpoise. Whichever it is though, it's still a sad sight

Brian Turner said...

We saw this yesterday, too, and looked very much like a porpoise to us.

Anonymous said...

Ironically it was probably killed by a dolphin