Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nice and quiet

Nothing out of NICE for sometime now, both the NICE plan and the Highland Council's ambitions for the town centre remain available for view on the website. Will anything ever happen or do we just have two versions of a dream that will never come into being?

Meanwhile all the empty buildings along the A96 continue to decay. Perhaps there are stirrings behind the scenes or maybe once again we will have to wait for the promise of development cash to come in from housing on the Sandown Lands before there is any movement at all? There's also an ongoing development brief in the pipeline for Sandown:

"Work on the Development Brief will progress over the course of Summer 2011, with regular reports being given to the local members and community groups through the Ward Forum meetings. A draft brief will be prepared for the Planning, Environment and Development Committee meeting later in the autumn. This will then be followed by further public and stakeholder consultation with adoption of the Development Brief as Supplementary Guidance taking place before the end of 2011."

The Council promises to get everyone's views on board too:

"We will organise venue bookings and base information, including maps, and will place adverts in the local newspapers, contact local groups and try to engage with people through our blog and social networking sites to reach the widest audience possible."

Coming soon a "Charette" for Sandown then. Full Highland Council document here. Full steam ahead by the end of the autumn for Sandown and cash coming in to sort the town centre and pay the community centre debt soon after that?


Just asking said...

Does NICE stand for Nairn Incomers Control Everything?

Anonymous said...

I hope we get this Sandown issue sorted out quickly, then we will get the town centre we need desperately.
Waiting another three or four years is not an option.

Rob said...

Hi I have set up a new group on Facebook to try and raise awareness on the Co-Op / Regal/ Filling Station issues.!/pages/Campaign-to-boycott-Nairn-Co-Op-until-it-cleans-up-our-Town/210348779017786

Can you promote this?


Just Answering said...

Just asking wondered...

"Does NICE stand for Nairn Incomers Control Everything?"

No. But perhaps it's a reaction to Nairnites Idly Criticise Everything.

Anonymous said...

Come on kids, stop fighting and wasting time over what NICE may or may not mean, deal with the real issues.

Dinna Ken said...

Do we Nairnites criticize everything?

Are we a bunch on whinging buggers?

Are we not NICE people?

Never happy with what we have got?

A bunch of soor faced gits?

I greeting about something?

Is moaning Nairnites favourite hobby?

Answers on a postcard please & don't complain about the price of a stamp.

Anonymous said...

Too many different views in Nairn so you will never be happy and never get the Town centre sorted out. Too bad beautiful place

burger flipper again said...

Great news. We sell off Sandown to pay for our new community centre and a refurb to the town centre, and just what do we sell in say 50 years time when we are in need of a new community centre and a town centre refurb?

Typical ludicrous short term planning with no thought for the long term future of our town. Perhaps a plaque can be erected at Sandown to name and shame the culprits responsible?

Anonymous said...

why worry you wont be here

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can say short term planning. They started talking about Sandown and changing the the planning permission out there in 1999, hardly a quick decision...12 years

Anonymous said...

I wondered if it was 12 years but yes you're right, remember they tried to put a supermarket in the show field or at Sandown, that was about that time.