Thursday, July 07, 2011

44 years ago today - were you there?

Eric Clapton and Cream and five days later Pink Floyd. Any regular readers with memories of those gigs?


Anonymous said...

Wonder who won the Miss Silhoutte with Bikini Swim Suit and did she ever take up her free water ski-ing lessons?

Casanova said...

Yeah, never forget it, and I got my "Badge" to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Remember it like yesterday
Pink Floyd never actually made it though

Anonymous said...

I think pink floyd did make it --or was I seeing things.
I too remember going to see Cream and I remember the first gig was cancelled and I was not happy having to wait till they came a couple of weeks later, but worth the wait. So many good groups came to Nairn in those days.

All you need is Love said...

Think you have got your facts wrong Anonymous Pink Floyd did play at The Ballerina, but Cream did not play due to their van with all their equipment braking down on the way to the gig, also just for The Ballers history books The Small Faces were advertised to play but they did not turn up & Albert Bonici from Elgin who promoted dances throughout The Highlands successfully sued the bands management for their none appearance, for a wee town like Nairn it attracted some big name bands, Love & peace Man, far out.

Anonymous said...

I was seventeen then and had the best teenage years anyone could wish for.The 60's promised everything for the future and changed the world.

Anonymous said...

Cream did appear we were given a refund or a ticket to see them 2 weeks later , I can still picture Eric with his curly perm and frilly shirt. Pink Floyd had a great lights show.
I saw Small faces in the Caley in Inverness and two nights later in the town hall in Elgin we got about in those days!! When they played in Inverness their roadie was Rod Stewart, later to be their lead singer.

Anonymous said...

So who's memory is intact.
So many versions of who was actually playing.
With this being a popular LSD period, maybe their memory is warped.
I remeber the Pink Floyd lights more that the band.
And yes there were many great bands that played Nairn, it was the highlight of the week. Sundays were sometimes good also.
The bus loads of "outsiders" was always a problem.

The Broadhill Brawler said...

Hi to Anonymous who made the last statement in his reference
to the outsiders waiting to go home on the bus who were always a problem would it happen to be the Elgin Loons fae The Staigo Gang causing the grief???? as a regular
at The Ballerina I had a few scuffles with that lot.

Anonymous said...

ah those were the days.
Girls from the other towns were welcome the "loons" not.
Nairn boys stuck together.
Free milk from the machine at the top of harbour street, if you knew how to kick it just right.
You know who you are....

bill m said...

yes pink floyd were in nairn!!! i remember as a 14 year old on holiday with ma n pa and managed to "sneak in" hall didn,t like the "freaky" sounds they made(i was a kid) and went back out!! only found out years later who it was!! duh!!! im now 61 and kicking myself!! billy main from motherwell scotland