Friday, July 15, 2011

The state of Nairn Cemetery - Highland Council admit "Its appearance has changed"

Repercussions from the anger expressed about the deteriorating state of Nairn Cemetery at Tuesday's River CC meeting continue to reverberate. The Courier mentions how River CC have taken action on the behalf of outraged citizens and says:

"Highland Council staff visited the burial ground, in Grantown Road, this week and admitted its appearance had changed."

Hands up then from Highland Council. This hasn't happened overnight however and councillors and officials should have been keeping a closer eye on how things were proceeding. This is one part of town where the Highland Council should be ashamed of themselves for putting the grass-cutting out to contact.


Narnnite said...

Its a sad fact but Nairn is the poor neighbour of Inverness the cemetery neglect is an example of what the town has to expect, take the recent Barclays Open Golf Championships held at Castle Stuart was Nairn promoted? was it hell everything landed in the capital of the Highlands, even things like as mentioned earlier by one of The Gurn comments regarding the putting green their is now no pins at the holes so when you pass by it gives the impression the green is closed & when you go to the kiosk its no longer manned so if you want to have a game you have to go to the baths to pay & collect your putter & balls, I could go on & on about the state of Nairn but i dont think The Gurn would have enough space but i do feel Messrs Fraser,Macdonald,Marsden,& Park,
need a good kick up the arse & stand no nonsense & fight for the good of the town before its to late.

Anonymous said...

i say,bring bach the royal burgh of nairn,and all things to do with nairn should be dealt with by our own overpaid councillers,we have given away too much,its time to fight back and reclaim our rights