Saturday, July 30, 2011

It would have been nice to have an alternative?

If you are a tourist heading eastwards along the B9090 after visiting Cawdor this is the highly visible new sign you will see just beyond the junction for Nairn. If you are pondering on how to proceed south, east or ready to try anything then this sign could well tempt you away from Nairn.

Wouldn't it have been nice if Nairn, a town whose economy depends on tourism, had had a chance for some input into this tourist route?

Would have been a nice idea wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Has Aberdeen moved to the Highlands?

Graisg said...

more background to this tourist route on this post:

the Jacobite said...

Is this the stare of the long awaited by pass??? Every one has be demanding and now when the sing diverts people away there is still complaints some people cant win

Anonymous said...

Have just returned from a trip around the West Coast of Scotland and the Aviemore area - You have just confirmed my thoughts to a tee. Nairn is such a great place but is poorly advertised and sign posted, that said the first impressions of the town are truly awful at present and I doubt many tourists would stop anyway. I was in Aviemore last week and recalled the state of the centre following the demise of the ski industry - the place is looking amazing now perhaps we could learn something from them on how to get things done??