Friday, July 01, 2011

Planners recommend granting outline planning permission for Delnies

That is to say the:

300 residential units, Tourism and heritage centre, Hotel, spa and conference facilities, 18 hole golf course, clubhouse, golf academy and golf range, Equestrian Centre and stables, Tourism and Heritage Centre, Ecological Centre with bird hides, Community woodland and park, Public footpath and cycleway network, Associated access and infrastructure works, including new roundabout on to the A96 Trunk Road.

You can read the 47 page report, including maps, here. It’s a long read Gurnites, this observer has had a casual browse and may return when time permits. Quick tip, scroll down to page 25, item 10 Conclusion. 10.1 seems to indicate why this could progress even though there are still other ongoing issues regarding the Highland Wide Local Development Plan. Here’s just a little sample:

“The advice from the Head of Development Plans is that the proposal is generally in conformity with the proposed plan and as a strong material consideration should be afforded more weight than the current Local Plan that was adopted in 2000”

Serious students may wish to keep up to date with how how the APT folk see things. One wonders indeed how the Councillors will vote on Tuesday


Ann Onymous said...

One would hope that in light of the fact the development of Sandown Lands was refused, it would follow that this gets refused as well.
Just how "affordable" is the housing there going to be? And will we see again the furore over having "social housing" close to people who bought privately - as was the case with the development of Sandown?
There is no infrastructure regarding public transport - stagecoach see fit to mess around with the Inverness-Aberdeen service willy-nilly.
And does the Nairn area really need a third golf course?!

Graisg said...

Thanks for that, persumably you have read the article on who gets affordable housing anyway?
One wonders if anyone has ever put a price at affordable housing? Does it start at around £700 per calendar month for example?
Re Sandown furore, maybe that might have been an element for some but the debate was much wider than that, it was all too much, too sooon and thankfully the politicians responded to the will of the people.
Will Delnies get chucked out this week? I wonder what the bookies would give you on that?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again the "OBJECTORS"
have landed. Why can't these objectionable people let Nairn move on. What exactly are they afraid of?

Ann Onymous said...

In reply to Anonymous - I am not afraid of anything and in what way am I objectionable - I am but voicing my opinion on the matter.
What is wrong with concentrating on the centre of Nairn first? I am surprised the town gets any tourism business considering the state of it around the Leopold St/A96 corner, the derelict petrol station and other boarded up buildings along King Street down towards Bridge Street. It doesn't “sell” the town at all.
The development of the A96 corridor between Nairn and Inverness has so far been ill-thought out with little regard to the effect it will have on the (lack of) infrastructure already in place or the sites of Special Scientific Interest along the Moray Firth.
As for the housing – only 25% of it will be “affordable”? What is the current definition of affordable housing? I would consider the figure quoted by your good self Graisg out of the reach of many younger Nairnites who may only be on or just above the basic minimum wage. More than likely it would be out of reach of many older residents too!

Anonymous said...

A ROUNDABOUT on the A96 - oh please why can't we have another set of traffic lights!!!