Thursday, July 30, 2015

A fascinating conversation about Nairn going on right now

The facebook group "Please don't kill our town" has reached a membership of over 500 in its first week of being online. A multi-layered discussion seems to be running through many posts about what is good and what is bad about our town. 

A fascinating conversation is underway and it seems that here is a constituency that has perhaps barely been touched by all the years of town centre improvement/development meetings etc, from the likes of Highland Council, the Community Councils, NICE, NEI, ANB and a few other acronyms too perhaps over the years complete with powerpoint presentations and maps and graphs at many consultation events. 

One of our local Highland Councillors, Stephen Fuller, has made contributions to what is being said; fair play to him too he is an advocate of digital participation and so is putting into action what he preaches. This afternoon someone has posted a link to the webpage about NICE but perhaps they and all the other groups would do well to present themselves officially and test the water? It seems to be where a conversation that is relevant to people's lives is taking place. A rich seam of real time opinion available for movers and shakers to engage with if they wish. One local woman posted today:

"I've read through many posts on both this site and NWYAB and it seems that people want a committee made up of common folk to help pull Nairn up by the bootstraps... and you don't get much more common than me!!So, if any of you want to meet up in a real room (possibly with real coffee and biscuits) please let me know either by PM or on here and I'll sort something out"

If you have a facebook account "Please don't kill our town" is available here. 

NICE = Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise
NEI = Nairn Economic Initiative
ANB = Association of Nairn Businesses

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Anonymous said...

Start using the Davidson Trust money, it's meant for the good of the people of Nairn.
Get things fixed, a little less conversation a little more action, please by someone who has an inkling of common sense
There doesn't seem to be the case with the council....why leave repairs to the paddling pool, till the day it should be open to the kids. Everything is all talk and false promises.