Sunday, July 19, 2015

County Legends step in to help Rothes FC

Ali Nicol tells the Gurn the Wee County Legends side  will be in action again in a couple of months time to help cash-strapped Rothes:

"Pleased to confirm that we have another Nairn County legends game arranged against a Rothes Legends side. Match will take place at Mackessack park on Sunday 27th of September. I am also proposing to hold a Supporters game before the legends game (also at Mackessack park) where there will be a £20 fee to play. 

Rothes like our club previously are going through a tough time recently so all monies raised will go towards the save Rothes FC fund. 
Mark Holmes is going to take the County legends team. It would be superb if we could get a good crowd through to Speyside for the day.

Rab Mulheron was with us when we were going through a tough period in our history so let's show him why Nairn County has the best supporters in the Highland league. We've raised over 70k for our club so now we can do our bit to help out a fellow HFL club. "

Picture of the recent line up of County Legends v County Supporters sides here.

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