Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Planning application for 68m (224 ft) Wind Turbine at Blackpark Farm discussed at Auldearn Community Council

At their regular meeting tonight in the Lethen Road hall, Auldearn CC Chair Roger Milton tonight invited comments from the public on the planning application for a wind turbine at Black Park Farm. The application can be viewed online  here. 

Concerns similar to ones already posted online were expressed, here's a few snippets from online (click on the comments tab on the application file to read more).

"I have researched extensively and know all to well the dangers that can be caused by inhabiting a property built in close proximity to a large turbine let alone one that would dwarf both the Scott Monument in Edinburgh and the Wallace Monument in Stirling and it is only slightly smaller than the Statue of Liberty! I have 2 of a young family and cannot bear the thought of them being brought up with constant headaches, nausea and sleep deprivation caused by the effects of living close to such a large turbine.
I am also extremely concerned about the disastrous financial effects that the proposed turbine might have on local businesses. We live in a beautiful, picturesque area of the country in which local businesses try to thrive on tourism despite these difficult financial times. There is an idyllic restaurant, coffee shop and farm shop along with several small businesses built in a steading conversion not a stone's throw away and I would fear greatly for their financial viability should this application be granted. The Highland Council have also recently purchased a piece of land for the new Nairn Cemetery extension which would be totally overshadowed by such a monstrous construction and I am sure that you would not be thanked by grieving families having to shout goodbyes to their loved ones over the constant unacceptable drone of a 500kW wind turbine.

There is also the route of the new Nairn Bypass to be considered. I believe that the preferred bypass route would pass through, or extremely close, to the proposed turbine site and I am sure that another costly compensation package to "buy out" the developers would not be desirable."

"My family and I have recently received planning permission to build our dream home on the field adjacent to this turbine and I have grave financial concerns over the consequences should planning permission be granted for this monstrosity."

"My husband and I own the neighbouring farm to the proposed site. We categorically object to the planning application of the wind turbine for various important reasons. As owners of XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX, which includes a coffee shop, farm shop, country wood store and flooring store, we are appalled at the proposal of a turbine which will have an extreme affect of the view from each of these businesses. As conveyed in the View Point 4 image, the turbine stands out of the landscape in such an extremely unsightly manner spoiling the picturesque view."

The planning application advertisement that appeared in the Nairnshire Telegraph as displayed on the Highland Council site
The Community Council will make their decision on what to submit to the planning department at a later date.There is a potential community benefit of £10,000 from the development, payable after the turbine would be constructed should planning permission be granted.

Six of those seven comments look to this observer that they were received right at the end of the consultation period. The application was advertised in the Nairnshire Telegraph earlier last month and the date for comments (for or against) has now passed.

Gurn opinion:

This observer is sure that if the height of this proposed turbine had received a little more publicity then perhaps many Gurnites with strong feelings either way on wind turbines would have liked to have made a comment as this development will have a visual impact on many Nairn residents should it be successful. Can you imagine last night's meetings of Nairn West and Suburban CCs passing without comment on this? It did, had they no idea? In fact such a large turbine close to a future A96 bypass and the new Nairn cemetery would be such a dominant feature that it might come to define our town in the eyes of the world? In view of the interest that some residents in the town might have in this installation perhaps it might be appropriate for the Highland Council Planning Department to reopen the period for comments? The big debate about renewable wind energy projects comes virtually to the edge of town!

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