Monday, July 06, 2015

Dick and Tommy in favour of £12 million Balmakeith retail development

Quoted in an article by local journalist Iain Ramage on the P&J website today are Dick Youngson Chair of Nairn Suburban CC and Tommy Hogg, his opposite number on River CC. 

Suburban Community Council chairman Dick Youngson said: “We’re all for it, but a little disappointed Lidl aren’t coming in.”

Tommy Hogg, of River Community Council, said: “I know there is some resistance among high street traders, but I think this is badly needed and can only do good for the town.”


Anonymous said...

"Town centres are a key element of the economic, social and environmental fabric of Scotland’s towns. We must take collective responsibility to help town centres thrive sustainably, reinvent their function, and meet the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors for the 21st century. Government, local authorities, businesses and communities put the health of town centres at the heart of best value decision making, seeking to deliver the best local outcomes regarding investment and de-investment decisions, alignment of policies, targeting of available resources to priority town centre sites, and encouraging vibrancy, equality and diversity."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.37PM - a most perceptive, succinct summary. Now, move on to practical ways of making it happen

Anonymous said...

lets hope that a lot of cut price retailers come and build on the estate,nairn needs more shops that offer better bargains and cut priced goods,nothing wrong with a bit of competition narook

Anonymous said...

Anon @7.16
First you have to protect the town centre from out of centre retail.
There are plenty vacant premises in Nairn centre.
How about turning the whole ground floor of the Highland Hotel into retail?
The more Balmakeith develops the more we can say Cheerio to our local businesses.

I didn't get where I am today.... said...

Hopefully Reggie Perrin will be opening a branch of his Grot Shop

Anonymous said...

Nairn does not need more cut price cheap shops. A good big M&S, House Of Fraser, Lewis's and a few top end independent retailers would be fantastic. They would get the shoppers in. Inverness is a dead loss for shopping anyway. And while we are at it, a Big Debenhams would be good too. No more painful chugging along the A96 to get to a decent shop.

Chugger said...

@Anon 7:14 PM

'Nairn does not need more cut price cheap shops'

Err what ones do we have already then anon?

'Inverness is a dead loss for shopping anyway'

Apart from the town centre the retail parks and Eastgate 1 + 2 look quite healthy in terms of outlets, how is Inverness a 'dead loss'?

Sorry to hear you have painful chugging issues, maybe you'll be be able to walk to the new stores in Nairn :-)

uppa crustie said...

We need a Harrods

Anonymous said...

ohh the rich want big name shops and expensive high priced goods,stuff that,its cheap realistic price shops we need,if u want harrods etc you can afford to drive there and shop there too

Anonymous said...

None of the available premises on the High Street provide enough floor space for major retailers. Anon@8.49's comment about the Highland Hotel is just not feasible, there is just not the space. Why bother converting old buildings when you could have a nice, shiny new one with all mod cons? And before anyone starts where in the High Street vicinity could you do that - without losing parking facilities? If, and when, any bypass comes to Nairn this area will be the gateway into the town.

Curious said...

More money must bypass the High Street via the internet than anything that goes up to Sainsbury's. People will still shop elsewhere whether there is an expanded Balmakeith or not. What it would mean is more jobs in Nairn.
I would like to know just how many businesses in Nairn are opposed to this project?

Spurtle said...

The development proposed is contrary to the Scottish government's 'town centre first' policy.

The area that they are wanting to build on in not zoned for any type of development in the Inner Moray Firth Development Plan.

Why should the application even be considered.What's the point in spending hundreds of man hours and tens of thousands of pounds creating development plans , only for a developer to apply to build contrary to these plans.... ?

And the public...and evidently some community councils , will always want more...Sainsburys was the answer to the town's problems but now?... too expensive, not enough choice & other such comments are heard..

Funny how these are the same folks that lament the demise of the high street.....

You cannot cite a single case of an out of town development benefiting a nearby town centre...yet people still think they are a magic bullet for all our consumer woes..

Anonymous said...

As always developers offer a Trojan horse and councillors are more than happy to wheel it in. Money and jobs are the usual buttons that developers need to present for them to press, from then there on it's plain sailing

But Nairn is never going to have the number of out of town shops that Inverness has, so if major retailers choose to come here they'll for the most part just be serving the local community

More shops on our retail park will however hasten the demise of the High St. People will only come to the High St for specialist shops or those that sell the few goods that supermarkets bigger stores don't

So by all means embrace the developers but be aware all that they'll bring to Nairn

Anonymous said...

Build what you like, I shop on line and get it delivered! yes might make it easier if I order on line and try on then I can take it back to the shop in Nairn rather than inverness, But clothing shops are now offering free return services by post so only if I NEED something ASAP would I would go to the shops! Grocery shopping is a breeze online and lets you shop around!

Anonymous said...

@ Spurtle You really think that there are tablets of stone when it comes to planning in the Highlands?

Anonymous said...

Spurtle - well said!
4 national outlets ..... 2 of them food ......
Any guesses? Just here today gone tomorrow soulless chain outlets.
If it is a PoundLand of some kind it will kill Nickel n Dime.
If it is a PizzaParlour of some kind it will kill Dominos.
Town Centres first!
Anon at 9.38 "Why bother converting old buildings when you could have a nice, shiny new one with all mod cons?" - Because it conserves heritage for future generations - and it is environmentally greener. Who wants to shop in a concrete box?
The whole ground floor of the old Highland would be a great boon to the High Street.

Graisg said...

@ anon 2.31 Haven't paid too much attention to the rumours but did notice that there will not be a restaurant according to the press release - just retail. Where do you get your info about the nature of these outlets from?
The ground floor of the old Highland always has been shops hasn't it? Do you mean the first floor?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry anon@2.31 but how can building something out at Balmakeith conserve heritage? Yes, if it was going to be built within the High Street.

With regards to the Highland Hotel, can someone explain where there is the space within the ground floor to turn into shops because I can't see it? A separate entrance would have to be made for those living in it to get access and the stairs must take up a big part of the space. The old bar has already been converted into shops. Maybe it's a bit like Dr Who's Tardis, a lot bigger on the inside than it appears from the outside.

Anonymous said...

Types of shop will be important. If they are shops primarily competing with Inverness then the impact on the high street may be small. If they keep tourists in Nairnshire then eateries etc will likely benefit. If they eat in the town they may shop more in the town.