Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Auldearn Community Council to object to Blackpark wind turbine

The text of the Auldearn CC objection is as follows:

"Auldearn Community Council held a public meeting to discuss this application on Wednesday 1st July 2015 and would like to respond as follows :

The size of the proposed turbine would make it a very obvious and substantially scaled and solid mechanical construction in an area without any constructions of similar type or scale in an agricultural landscape.

When viewed from the Househill, River Park or Balmakeith Park areas of Nairn and other individual dwellings closer to the site, it will have significant impact on the visual amenity , particularly given that it would stand roughly 3 times higher than the mature trees that lie to the east and south of the site. The height difference would make the turbine more obvious than usual, given that the rotating blades would crest the skyline from the most populous viewpoints.

The proximity to nearby dwellings, and proposed dwellings, must bring into question issues of noise and shadow flicker.

The proposed site is very close to the adopted route of the proposed Nairn Bypass, the exact line of which is presently being engineered. Given the importance of and the capital expenditure involved in this major trunk road development, it would seem irresponsible to consider the application until the engineered bypass line was fixed and the road orders placed.

In view of the above points, Auldearn Community Council objects to this application."


atomic said...

Nairn really needs it's own nuclear power plant rather than all these pesky non efficient windmills blotting our horizons. Anyone want one on their land?

Swan Vestas said...

No need...... we could just generate energy by harnessing a portion of hot air generated by the pro wind turbine lobby :)... then we could use the money raised to pay the tariffs to those that own or invest in wind turbines or farm....or just hand out the slabs of cash they can get when there is no demand for the electricity the produce.


Anonymous said...

Yes ..right on top of the Highland Council Buildings!