Friday, July 03, 2015

"new improved scheme" for retail outlets at Balmakeith from Ziran Land

Gurnites will recall the plan for a Lidl outlet and other stores at Balmakeith and perhaps even attended the consultation last September. Images of the then plans were published in an article here. Today more information from the developer in the form of a press release:

Ziran Land is to bring forward its planning application for an improved retail scheme following its consultations last September.

Explaining the reasons, John Liggins of Ziran Land said,

"We received such good public feedback to our retail proposals - 91% of respondents were in support - that we have been working hard to refine our plans to best suit Nairn's shopping needs. We propose to bring new, national retail names to Nairn which cannot be accommodated in the town centre. These new names will attract more shoppers into Nairn and with our signage proposals we should be able to attract more shoppers into the town centre.

Also, in response to public feedback, we have removed our proposed family pub and restaurant."

The company will now make an application to The Highland Council later this year. However, these new proposals, due to technical requirements, by going slightly over the two hectare threshold, will make this a Major application requiring fresh consultation with the local community.

The proposals will go on show at Nairn Community and Arts Centre on Friday 28th August at a public exhibition and the community groups will be invited into the consultations. 

John Liggins added,
"We are very excited about our new, improved scheme and although these plans have taken longer to develop, we feel we now have the right balance for what Nairn needs. We look forward to meeting as many local shoppers and community representatives as possible to explain our plans."


Anonymous said...

Let's get a nice big Marks and Spencer Food Hall. Never mind the cheaper bargain type supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to think that a few local independent businesses might be offered space rather than just have big chains that you can find throughout the UK. Something different would attract folk to Nairn

Samantha said...

I too would like a Marks & Spencer Food Hall. A Waitrose would be the icing on the top.