Friday, July 31, 2015

Nairn orienteering shop windows displayed on Facebook as the town prepares for tomorrow's World Championships

The Scottish Six Days event runs in tandem with the World Championships and they have been in Nairn to take some pictures of shops supporting the events tomorrow. Pictures on Facebook here. 
One of the images also in the six days tweet below.

Ashers have stepped in to feed the film crews too


Fine for those who like it said...

Aye, preparing for the curfew here in the fishertown, 3.5 hours. Joy :-(

Be careful in the Fishertown said...

warning to anyone driving in the fishertown today, there are unexpected new ramps on some roads that cover cabling, likewise some of these cables are run across streets from house to house. There are also crowd type barriers that I assume will be put across roads at some point

It's a shame that organisers didn't think to give residents more information as to exactly what would be going on, we might have felt more positive about the event then

Anonymous said...

re: shop window

whatever they are selling

I'm buyin'