Sunday, July 05, 2015

Nairn West CC annual report/secretary's review - a very good read for those with an interst in local affairs.

Last week on Tuesday night in the Community and Arts Centre, Secretary of the Westies, Brian Stewart, delivered what will have been the last annual report of that organisation - In November the West CC and Suburban will merge to form a new organisation. Brian's report is a comprehensive document that will be of interest to many Gurnites and is well worth the trouble of taking the time to read a few headlines etc below but the full document is available here.  

The headlines are 

· Success at the Nairn South Planning Appeal
· Some progress on regeneration plans for the Town Centre
· Cautious optimism on the prospects for the Bypass
· Much still to be done on changing the approach to development planning 
· Agreement on West/Suburban CC merger proposal
· Local discontent over management of amenities and services
· Serious challenges ahead as budget cutbacks affect public services

And the Key issues for the coming year are likely to include:

· A possible further round of debate on the prospects for development of Nairn South;
· Related discussion about the medium and long-term future of the Sandown Land;
· Further discussion of other development sites proposed in the IMFLDP;
· The impact of the Bypass – assuming the Transport Scotland scheme makes progress;
· Further scrutiny of the management of Nairn ‘s Common Good;
· The management and implementation of forthcoming – and severe – budget cuts;
· The effectiveness of new community empowerment arrangements (eg new Area Committee)
...... and of course the usual hardy perennials of seagulls, dog-poo, A96 traffic congestion, etc!

Read the full report here.   Quite a lot of stuff was also discussed at the Subbies and Westies regular meetings on Tuesday night - we hope to look at some of that over the next day or two. 

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