Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hydrotherapy Pool Campaign steps up a gear after huge turn-out at public meeting - article 1

The outrage, bewilderment and anger that were expressed across the community with the NHS press release informing the world that they had instructed Nairn GPs to no longer refer patients to the Hydrotherapy Pool reached a public plateau tonight. Such were the strong feelings expressed there is no doubt in this observer’s mind that Nairnshire Citizens go much, much further in their desire to protect a healthcare resource that has come to be embedded into the very fabric of the town’s psyche. The desire to right what all see as a major wrong committed by the NHS bureaucracy was paramount, it flowed down from the packed ranks of the tiered seating in the main hall of the Community and Arts Centre tonight – it is in the very ether of this town – a community is united in its disgust. There was incredulity expressed by all those who spoke that NHS Highland could possibly contemplate such a destructive and foolish move against an asset that, due to the success of its remarkable service, must have saved the NHS and society in general a massive amount of money over the years. We hope to bring you some of the statements made over the next few days. 

The NHS may have started to backtrack given its more recent statement but that has come too late for them; in Nairn an outraged community has become energised and empowered and is on the warpath. The high heid yins of NHS Highland are in their sights and things will not settle until the future of patient referrals to the Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool is assured with a new contract. 

A few more details from the massive meeting held in the main hall of the Community and Arts Centre as and when time permits. There was a good turnout from the mainstream press tonight, in addition to the Nairnshire Telegraph the P&J and the Inverness Courier were also present.

Cllr Liz MacDonald, one of many people who spoke earlier tonight


Anonymous said...

Its great there is such strong support for the wonderful facility of Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool. It is unique and we are lucky to have it and such an excellent hydrotherapist/physiotherapist. The meeting was positive and as the saying is at the Hydrotherapy Pool - Alone we can do so little Together we can do so much
Perhaps NHS Highland will see sense and realise we will not be beaten or give up. How they can deprive people of the treatment received at the Hydrotherapy Pool is beyond words.

shame on you said...

I hope that all those who voted 'No' in the Scottish referendum last September are pleased with the cuts we face and the recent Tory budget. #BetterTogether

Anonymous said...

I sense every decision you disagree with will be blamed on a no vote. I thought in this case funding was being maintained but they wanted more people to have access. (Rightly or wrongly)