Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A solution for historic Nairnshire asks one of our readers?

One of our regular readers was up Tomintoul way and took the picture you see below. Our correspondent asks is this the way forward for Nairnshire now? Just simply an historic arrangement of the past that might be worth a note in passing or can some way be found to reinvent the County as a local government unit? It is the direction of travel perhaps if you consider the forthcoming Community Empowerment and Renewal bill coming from the Scottish Parliament. Indy Councillor Michael Green also wants to see a measure of self-rule returned to Nairnshire too and it may be that the new Independent administration at Highland Council may be sympathetic to calls for decision making powers to be returned to Nairnshire. Provost Laurie Fraser also wishes to see a return to something resembling the former Nairn District Council. What will it be for Nairnshire - a footnote in history or a bit of a comeback?

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