Friday, July 03, 2015

Significant repairs needed for Nairn Links Paddling Pool - opening delayed

From a Highland Council Press Release:

"Significant repairs are required for the Paddling Pool at Nairn Links and an assessment of the facility has delayed its opening this season. 

Given the extent of the repairs required, Highland Council’s Nairn Ward Members have taken the decision to approve temporary repairs while a longer term solution is investigated. 

Works will start on site on Monday 6 July and it is expected that they will take at least three weeks to complete which also allows for 5 – 7 days ‘drying’ before filling with water. An issue with any repair, whether temporary or permanent is that the time required for removal of screed, repair and application and curing/drying of paint is weather-dependent.

The paddling pool is normally operated for three months from 1 June to 31 August. In light of the unavoidable delays, High Life Highland, who operate the paddling pool on behalf of the Nairn Common Good, have undertaken to extend the opening of the pool up to the end of September, weather permitting. 

On behalf of the Nairn Ward Members, Provost of Nairn, Councillor Laurie Fraser said: “It seems that a permanent repair will be a lengthy and expensive job, so we have agreed to undertake a temporary repair to allow the paddling pool to open.

“We understand the substantial local interest in the play facilities at the Links and are keen to engage local families in the long term decisions that are made.”

It's 25C plus again but the paddling pool remains covered by a net and locked up - awaiting "signifcant repairs". 


Anonymous said...

Why have the repairs to the paddling pool and the digging up of harbour street been left to what should be the height of the tourist season, and the school holidays. Madness.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Another well thought out plan NOT!

dr-grigor said...

Just one question and an obvious one at that ! Why wasn't the assessment done long before now to ensure opening in time for the season ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should have been looking at this instead of spending thousands taking away the bigslide??

I'm not a robot said...

I truly despair.

Nairn is (was) full of great free attractions for family's when the sun is out.

We have locals and visitors streaming down towards the beaches and harbour and unfortunately their enjoyment is being curtailed by gas works closing a main thoroughfare, no forward planning regarding maintenance of well used facilities, nondescript council employees making decisions that are way above their pay grade destroying valuable local assets.

This is not rocket science!

Come summer, occasionally the sun will shine, the shop keepers are ready, the restauranteurs are ready, the ice cream parlours are ready, the B & B's are ready.

Why are The Highland Council always cocking it up?

Anonymous said...

Never mind the pool will stay open until September - yes thata a great idea as nobody will be near it due to the freezing weather. Another total shambles by our wonderful band of people in charge. Its not rocket science to have a look in April and sort it out before the summer season is it?

Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer said...

Beggars belief

Anonymous said...

Not one ounce of common sense between them all. Wouldn't be surprised if this was the beginning of the end for the paddling pool. Like I have said before: WHERE are the new improvements to the play park? Trampolines, etc?? Even the train thing from Lochloy car park hasn't made an appearance yet.

All hot air and bluster. Inept doesn't even come into it.

Anonymous said...

Could somebody in the know, reflect and explain what was the last repair journaled on the paddling pools structure, if work was carried out where did any money come , and if there was a guarantee in time stated of how long a repair of that kind wouldn't need looked at until......

Anonymous said...

Absolute incompetence. We are fast becoming a laughing stock. When will someone get a grip!

Anonymous said...

come to Nairn,,sit for ages at traffic lights,go to the links and look at empty paddling pool,or reflect on memories of the big slide,or if the mood takes you,visit the high street with its untidy unpainted,or derelict empty shops,
you could even take a walk up to the jubilee bridge,and not be able to cross it if you have a disability.come to Nairn,,,,,I THINK NOT.
local council should hang their heads in sham,is it a case of,i,m alright jack.