Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our drains correspondent asks: "Will the world's orienteers be wading through Nairn's effluent when they come to town for the Championships?"

Could some of our drains do with a quick pull through and jet blast? We had earlier posted images of drains overflowing elsewhere this week including at the top of the Links Car Park - article here and pictures of a very wet day on the Gurn's Flickr pages here. The following from the Gurn's drains correspondent:

"The heavy rains during the past 48 hours have once again overwhelmed Nairn's overloaded drainage and waste water network. Not only have there been overflows in all the usual places, but for the first time in recent memory the drain-covers on the Links cricket field were forced up by the volume of waste water.

The good news is that the pool of water seems to have drained away. The bad news is that it has left behind all the solid waste and debris, which is now spread across the field (see pics)

Cricketers might be accustomed to the phrase, "rain stopped play". But this is much more serious. Not only is the Links field a public park and recreation area used by local and holidaying families. It is also the venue for the opening ceremony and events of the World Orienteering Championships this coming weekend. Thousands of spectators and participants will be gathering on this very field, and television crews will be broadcasting the pictures to the world.

Health and safety? If the orienteers and visitors are having to run through, or step around, the waste that has been spread around the field from Scottish Water's overflowing drains, in full view of the TV cameras, some people are going to have a lot of explaining to do. The authorities have barely 24 hours to organise and complete a clean-up. The clock is ticking..... and the world will be watching. "


Anonymous said...

They shouldn't be cleaning it because of some map race, They should be cleaning as a mater of urgency for public safety regardless.

Unknown said...

Pity the organisers did not route the events around the "East Beach Water Works" then they could really share the "stench" Nairn residents and visitors enjoy every time they go near the 'plant'

Rod Ralph

Graisg said...

Down that way quite a lot Rod, only seems to be a stink these days when the big lorry arrives for a pick up or delivery or whatever.

Graisg said...

Thanks for the Golf related comment anon, we will look into that.