Saturday, July 04, 2015

"Drift" - it's a pretty good gig we hear

Not going to make it again tonight. This observer was Heinikened by a friend that lives in the Fishertown so too tired and emotional to give this full attention. We hear from Gurnites that it is really good however. You could head down and check it out more information here.

Image from Bratach, more images here


Little pinkie said...

It's maybe a little outwith some folks comfort zone but having braved my shyness can only say well worth making the effort. Not often if ever again you'll attend theatre that rolls Nairn beach so seamlessly into a story from Shetland

Sparkotronic said...

Went down on Friday night and loved it.
45 minuets immersed in another world.

Was a great story told brilliantly.

Well done to everyone involved in creation and bringing it to our beach.

Fooya Deein said...

Can anybody through The Gurn confirm or deny that they were asking for donations of £10.00 I was talking to someone who was down on the beach & they said there was a notice up asking.

Graisg said...

It was a suggested donation of £10 anon, can't remember what the exact words were however on the notice. This observer decided it was a bit too much and decided not to go in. We met others who had decided the same.

Fooya Deein said...

Thanks for your reply Craisg much appreciated.