Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Real time Bus info via Google - Nairn Inverness

It can be a bit tricky getting into the bus timetables to Inverness even when you
have them bookmarked. There are two or sometimes three timetables to look at.

This observer was quite surprised by what is perhaps a new development on the Google search engine (more techy savy gurnites might know more), when you type in "buses Nairn Inverness" you get a live timetable. It even tells you when there's trains and how long you've got to get to the bus stop. Picture on the right of what it all looks like. 


Unknown said...

It's nice enough, useful for those who don't quite know where to go and it’s nice to see Stagecoach modernising a bit. Traveline Scotland are really going to be a better choice for accurate information though.

Unknown said...

I just tried this for buses to Ardersier and it would appear to take 55 minutes to go from Nairn to Ardersier now that the No.15 bus has stopped. That's totally rediculous.