Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Nairn Economic Initiative is currently advertising for a graduate under the “Adopt an Intern” scheme

Any local graduates fancy this one?

"The Nairn Economic Initiative (NEI) is seeking a graduate intern to help identify and procure funding to enable achievement of NEI’s prioritised projects and key outcomes. The key responsibilities for this role are:

• Review and collation of the current ambitions and projects outlined by key groups in Nairn including, but not limited to, Nairn Economic Initiative, Highland Council charrette, local community councils, Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise.
• Assist with the identification and prioritisation of other projects that can be progressed over the short, medium and long term and projection of costs and potential sources of finance.
• Formulation of a strategic plan for NEI.
• Facilitation of the early project priorities identified by the NEI launch and other priorities of other local social enterprises such as NICE and Community Councils.
• Identifying, making applications for, and securing funding streams required to take forward NEI’s activities.
• Participate in appropriate community planning forums.
• Lead the planning process for a future HIE-funded, business-focused, facilitated strategic workshop – designed to formalise NEI’s strategic direction.
• Drafting the final report detailing deliverable projects, likely costs, suitable lead organisation(s) and potential funders"

More details and how to apply on the Adopt an intern website here.  The applications have to be in by 26th July.

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Anonymous said...

It is a great opportunity for someone to kick off their career improving the economic prospects of Nairn. £8 and hour as well - more than many graduates begin on.If you know of anyone - give them a shout!