Monday, July 13, 2015

An overnight 4-star stay in Nairn for Day 3 of "The Lawn Way Round" fund-raiser for Crohn's & Colitis UK

Last week it was round UK charity rowers in Nairn for an overnight stay. Today it is the turn of a team with a similar purpose but their journey is being accomplised on lawnmowers. As we publish this article, just about to enjoy a meal in the 4-star Newton Hotel are the team of Daz Whitehead, Tony Dwight and Paul Tindall who are riding Briggs and Stratton mowers around the UK to raise funds for Crohn's and Colitis UK. It was a journey of 306 miles today up the West Coast from Dumfries and along the Great Glen. More details of their fundraiser "The Lawn Way Down" here.

Hospitality is being provided in the town by the Newton Hotel after the manager Kevin Staines heard about the charity fundraiser earlier this year. The mowers were being serviced this evening by local garden machinery mechanics from W Thomson of Forres.  The charity riders will be departing at 05.30 am tomorrow for day 4 of their fund-raising mission. 


Anonymous said...

Can you ask them to pop past my hoose and do a lap of the lawn afore they go !

Big Hector said...

Michty Me we ah this rain the gress is fair growin awfae fast ye ken, but if you wid like tae borrow a couple oh ma sheep just pit a wee message on The Gurny Manny pagey thing & i can tak them roond tae where yae bide & they can start munchen & help ma bob the job winna tak long.

Aw the best fae Hector