Friday, July 03, 2015

NHS Highland starting to respond to public anger over Hydrotherapy Pool?

A statement today from NHS Highland:

NHS Highland is to establish a revised referral process for the Nairn Hydrotherapy Pool, involving both GPs and physiotherapy staff from the health board.

NHS Highland had instructed the Nairn Healthcare Group to stop taking referrals for patients to use the Hydrotherapy Pool from July 1st. However having received a number of representations, it has been decided to ensure that no feasible options have been overlooked.

Further discussions between the Hydrotherapy Trust, Highlife Highland and NHS Highland will take place to establish a revised model of both service delivery and value for money.

It is expected that these discussions will be developed and agreed prior to October this year. During the intervening period, NHS Highland will continue to support new referrals and ongoing treatment for patients.

In the absence of a signed service level agreement at this stage, NHS Highland will continue to pay the rate mutually agreed by the Health Board and the Trust during the last financial year.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they've realised that the Nairn Swimming Pool is not a feasible option?

Graisg said...

If that is indeed where Highland Highlife would deliver the service(s) anon - the swimming pool already has a very crowded programme too. Here's a copy published on Facebook

Anonymous said...

They must have realised by all the objections their withdrawal of funds from the hydrotherapy pool was a bad idea. Lets hope the patients who attend hydrotherapy can carry on benefitting from the treatment now and after October

Rhona said...

The swimming pool would be far too cold for people who use the hydrotherapy pool, the whole point is it is warm water excercise with a physiotherapist on hand to give help and support.
Public opinion has made them reconsider and there is an open meeting on Thursday night at 7pm at the community centre. All welcome.

Anonymous said...

Nairn swimming pool is colder than my ex wife! Keep the hydro pool