Friday, July 24, 2015

Whitebridge weight restriction Community Consultation event

A Highland Council press release:

The Highland Council is hosting a drop-in Community Consultation Meeting next Wednesday (29 July) in Cawdor Community Centre to provide people with information about the introduction of an 18 tonne weight restriction at Whitebridge. 

The Council is aware of concerns raised locally about the impact a weight restriction will have on the local economy and this will be a chance for local residents and business owners to ask questions give their feedback to proposals and provide suggestions as part of the consultation. 

White Bridge, spanning the River Nairn, is one the oldest bridges maintained by the Council and is a ‘Category A’ Listed structure. It has a humped vertical alignment and carries single file traffic in both directions, subject to traffic control signals.

The weight restriction is required following the recommendation contained within a recent structural assessment of the bridge. 

The Community Consultation event, which takes place in Cawdor Community Centre on 29 July from 3pm until 7.30pm, is the first of two such events that the Council plans to hold. 

Tracey Urry, The Highland Council’s Area Community Services Manager said: “We have given the community the reassurance that we will involve them fully and staff have worked with the Community Council over the arrangements for this drop in session next week. Poster publicising the meeting have gone up and public notices are in the local press so we hope as many people as possible manage to call in to Cawdor Community Centre between 3pm and 7.30pm to speak to us to let us know their thoughts and ideas.”


Mr Cambell said...

Dear Gurn do you know if there is a forwarding email address so i can forward my concerns of the closure of the bridge as i cannot go to the meeting from 3-730pm or do i have to go through the local councils website and forword on there website my complaint. If you can help me it would be most appreciated.

Graisg said...

No e-mail contact address on the press release. You could try one of your councillors they would forward it on.

Mr Cambell said...

I cant find anything either i will send a registered letter to Inverness Highland Council and my local councilor Thank You for your reply Gurnmeister.

Anonymous said...

restriction- not closure

i notice its been resurfaced and the STOP line for the lights on the northern side moved back (always an issue with big lorries and tractors)

i cannot see how the council can do anything but continue with it, less we see the bridge collapse and then we REALLY WOULD SEE a MASSIVE problem for the local economy - let alone the nairn bypass - unofficial bypass of course