Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Volunteers needed to assist with the World Orienteering Championship arena set-up in Nairn on Saturday morning.

Mike Rodgers of Scottish Orienteering tells us that help is still needed to set up the spectator arena for the World Championships on the Links on Saturday morning. If anyone can spare a little time the orienteers would be very grateful.

The arena build team for Saturday's sprint relay are meeting at the Links quite early with the aim of having it complete by 1100 so ideally volunteers would need to report by 0800 to Chris Huthwaite and Limelight Event Services team leader Gus McLeod down at the Links.

Mike also gave us some information that gurnites planning to observe the World Championships might find interesting:

Car Parking:
Spectator car park - Old Farmer's Showfield (Opens 1400)
Athletes car park - Maggot (Opens 1430)
Volunteers Car Park - Next to Sainsbury's (Opens 0800)

Race Arena:
Build complete by 1100
Officially "opens" at 1600 but people can come earlier
Opening Ceremony at 1645

Road Closures:
Road closures take effect from 1700

TV Previews and Live TV:
Various TV news previews on Friday
BBC Alba 1800-1925.

Orienteering theme on BBC Radio Scotland "Get it on" with Bryan Burnett 1830 tonight.

Race Start:

Expected runner changeover times:

Relay finish:
1900 approx

"Flower" ceremony
1915 (medals awarded at later stage after technical scrutiny by officials complete)

Public race:
Runners start from 1930. Courses close and roads reopen at 2130.


Anonymous said...

Perfect weekend to get out of Nairn! Lets hope they get Lost. Shutting the roads are a Joke. I hope they have applied and paid the fees to have all these roads that are closed, Complete inconvenience. Are there any roads left open in Nairn??

Unknown said...

Thank you! I would hope there will be a volunteer "event team" t-shirt in it for anyone who helps out. I'll chase this up with the volunteer managers.

Graisg said...

You are a spoilsport anon. Inconvenience yes but this is mega for the profile of Nairn and it's only for one day. Personally looking forward to it.

Freefall said...

The A96 remains open and yes we did pay

staying indoors said...

Despite getting a leaflet through the door I find the lack of information about this event amazing. I live in the fishertown and am not sure if I should just stay indoors whilst the roads are closed? The information I've bene given through the leaflet is scant to say the least. If I venture out of doors am I likely to be mowed down by thousands of folk running?

Further to that Nairn is going to be in gridlock on that day as it's also the Farmer's Show. Poor planning by those involved

Anonymous said...

It's a very short event if it starts at 1805 and it's all done and dusted by 2130 - or have I misunderstood? Will it be safe to go out in the fishertown and around the harbour/beach or are we likely to be trampled by hordes of high-speed map-reading orienteers? ;)

Freefall said...

There is a fantastic opportunity to get out of doors and watch the race in action. There will be marshals with whistles who will warn you if there is a fast moving pack of Elite runners approaching. Come and watch on the big screen down by the bandstand but if you must stay indoors it will be featured live on BBC Alba. An orienteering race of this magnitude will never happen again in Nairn so do your best to support it.

Not a sports fan said...

I never watch any type of sport, never will. More than miffed that the fishertown will be closed down for several hours.

Anonymous said...

It'll be fandabbydoubledozy 😁

Unknown said...

Nairn folk should be thankfull to get this amount of detail about the timeing and parking arrangments etc. for their event. I have found nothing comparable for Forres or Darnaway.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the negativity about this event from some people. I hope the visitors don't read it.
Good luck to all the participants.

Unknown said...

I think this is a wonderful event to come to Nairn and it will highlight all of Nairns amenities, will bring hundreds if not thousands of people to Nairn. What matter a wee bit of disruption if it helps put Nairn on the global map. Well done to the organisers of this event.

Anonymous said...

Nairn would benefit from being talked up instead of the incessant negativity of the usual suspects. How many of us would wish to live anywhere else? Not only the fastest but the best wee town in Scotland!