Friday, November 20, 2009

Could Nairn follow Forres cuts?

It doesn't sound good along the A96 in Forres, the inevitable is happening as council funds dry up. The Forres Gazette reports:
'If approved by councillors, the proposals would see archives moved out of the Tolbooth, and the council no longer using the building. Nelson's Tower would also be closed to visitors.
Jobs could go at the library, with the introduction of self-service machines, the swimming pool will not be open in the morning, and mobile library services are set to be withdrawn by 2012.
'The Forres Gazette' also understands that there are plans to close the town's remaining public toilets.
Across Moray, the cuts would also see an end to free bread and milk for schoolchildren, whole fruit replacing sliced fruit for P1 and P2 pupils, and an end to morning swimming lessons.' A few other setbacks for the community could be in the pipeline too, the vice chair of the Community Council is worried about parking charges. Read the full Gazette interview here,
'Council cuts could create a ghost town. '
One wonders how Highland Council will try to balance the books and what nasty surprises might be in store as the cuts begin to bite here. Is nothing sacred now? Are councillors that sought public office to help their fellow citizens now simply going to be functionaires in the act of dismantling many of the services offered to the public?


Mal Function said...

If Highland Council have to make cuts, as they surely will, they could start by not paying out the extra £25,000 for someone to cover the work of the social work director (Harriet Dempster, salary £105,000) when Ms Dempster is away attending regional/national meetings.

Lots of detail in the Inverness Courier at

The report includes the intriguing fact that while several councillors opposed this gravy-train behaviour, the Provost of Nairn supported the proposal.

Hmmm, £25k could have done quite a lot to help sustain day-care for the elderly in Nairn

Graisg said...

In today's Courier,I gather the mannie in line for the £25,000 top up has turned it down, saying that he is already paid enough? A Highland Council heretic?

Anonymous said...

Why bother the Highland Council is only concerned with Inverness. So everywhere in the Highlands will be hit before Inverness. How to save money very easily we don't need so many middle-managers and also do what a lot of companies do. Get rid of 75% of HR since most of them are not needed. Fed up of paying for services, that I never get.

Anonymous said...

Highland , like other Councils in the land need to remember WHAT they are basically for ie, to provide basic services like emptying the bins. They should remember that the Council is not a platform for grandiose schemes that serve for the aggrandisment of politicians at our expense. If cuts need to be made then cut the frills and provide the basics. All too often it is PRESERVE the frills and cut the basics because there is no fame and fortune to be made in them.