Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hamish remembers

The recent request for information about the former Morganti premises inspired Hamish to get in touch with us with the following:
The following does not answer directly the enquiry regarding the Morganti/Asher’s shops but if may be at least of some interest.

Since long before the war started in 1939 Morganti had a shop on the Brae. It was sited on the left hand side looking down from Gordon Street and was quite a large premises, Access was into the shop area from where confectionery, ice cream, cigarettes, postcards and the like could be purchased.
At the back of the shop was a room – fairly large – where tea and cakes were served but other than during the holiday season it was not in use much as I recall. That room also had access from Gordon Street

In addition to this Sunday newspapers could be bought from the shop. Campbell’s and Strachan’s probably did not open on that day of the week. Apart from selling newspapers over the counter arrangements existed for four or five young lads to be given papers on a sale or return basis. Each lad has his own ‘round’ of something in the region of twenty deliveries to make and for every dozen papers sold he was paid two pence. (The figures may not be absolutely exact but they are very close. Two pence is correct but maybe ten was the number but then since we did not have decimalisation then a dozen may be correct)
There was quite a waiting list for vacancies that were only filled when a boy got full time work as an apprentice or an errand boy in say Cooper’s or Rose Brother’s or joined one of the Armed Forces .

During the war years the shop and the tea room was very popular with R.A.F. personnel who were based at Brackla as a rendezvous with local girls and to quote one of them “the only place in Nairn for somewhere to go”

In the light of that certain knowledge the business did not move from the High Street to the Brae

The shop shown in the Blog may well have been Haldane’s fishmonger shop. That shop certainly was in row between Lipton’s and Falconer’s Lane and was there before the war started. I was acquainted with Findlay Ross
who was the manager there before going with the local “Terriers” to France in 1939 and being taken prisoner at Dunkirk I think.. The shop may well have been occupied by the Victoria Wine Company before Haldane’s took it over.
Thanks Hamish, great to hear from you again!


Anonymous said...

Lovely memories Hamish.Must confess,I
much prefer "Old Nairn" to the more modern alternative.

touch said...

During the war I lived in Chisholm's Buildings, Water Lane.

My recollection of the shops in the block you highlighted were Rose Brothers, Miss Birnies ( Shoes), McLeans, Liptons,(Grocery) Haldanes,(Fish) McIntosh & Mcleod ( Wine) Pauls (Chemist).

Enjoy your comments very much, on all the topics you cover.

Anonymous said...

The source of the present interest in family Morganti is at

Have a look, it has several interesting Nairn photos esp on page 2

Graisg said...

Very interesting, worth a look Gurnites. There is a pop-up on the first page but nothing to be alarmed about. Just click to close.

David Brownless said...

Some wonderful pictures on the site.

Rather strange for me looking at some of them.

I'm well acquainted with some of the Nairn houses, our shop incorporates what was the back of Jac's cafe, my father played football for RAF Tangmere and Chichester City & I bought a boat from Chichester Harbour

spooky :)