Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morganti Juventis triumphant!

We've had a few memories in of the days when Morganti businesses were a big part of the High Street scene. Now Tommy Hogg has sent the Gurn a picture of the day Morganti Juventis swept all before them.

Team Photo is season 1969 Morganti Juventis F.C. Dunbar Cup Winners
Back Row L-R Dave Mackintosh, Ali Tolmie, Alan Watson, Taffie Macpherson, Dave Grant,Tom Hogg.
Front Row- Dougie Storm, Fred Mcwilliam, Graham Macpherson, James Walker, Dennis Johnstone.

Three trophys are Dunbar Cup, Morganti Cup, And League Shield

Thanks Tommy. Good to see the young Jac in the back row too. Any more pictures out there connected with Jac?


Ivy said...

Wow, such a great team with many memories.

Anonymous said...

great pic, i remember watching them as a youngster, thats when the welfare attracted as many fans as County do now !! My Fav teams in my wlefare watchin career were Queens Park Rangers and the Bundie