Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Night press review

Pictures of the Wintersong on the front page but the spalsh is with the lampposts in the middle in the pavement on the Inverness road and what the Suburban CC thinks about them. Inside however controversy around the Wintersong rumbles on with an editorial, letters and an article linked to last Friday's events in one way or other. Don Leith and the Rev Tim Power are backing the Gaelic Choir's letter published in last week's edition  and take the matter somewhat further this week.  

Don Leith asks, 'I would like to know along with many others I am sure, who are these people who made the decision to remove Christmas from Christmas, I want them named.' Looks like our new president in Brussels is in the frame at the moment Don.

The Rev for his part wants Provost Liz to get involved in the controversy with a statement à la Lord Provost of Dundee who came out in no uncertain terms in favour of the traditionalists when a similar debate raged in that community. You'll have to get your eyes down and browse the Nairnshire for all this and more tomorrow. 
P.S. another letter too asking a series of questions about the by-pass line. Wherever a by-pass goes (if it ever comes about)  it is not going to please everybody. The opening salvo of many protests to come? Another public inquiry in 2035? Bulldozers in finally in 2051? 

Waiting for you tomorrow 40p's worth of local main stream media delight. Enjoy!

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