Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Winter Lights' A Euro directive to blame!

We publish the following comment received from Des McCulloch on another thread here so it reaches the widest Gurn Audience possible:

'Hi. ‘I’m the Project Director of WINTERSONG, the procession organised and run by INSPIRE, the young person’s working group, and I look forward to seeing the results of your online poll. However I would be grateful if you would correct a mistake.
If I may explain.
The 2009 Winter processions were called ‘WINTERSONG’, a celebration of the coming of winter and all the good things it brings, including Christmas.
The ceremony for the switching on of the winter lights was not called Wintersong Lights, but the ‘Winter Lights Switch On’.

The lights were fundraised by the Rotary Club of Nairn with the bulk of the finance coming from the European Union which issued a directive that they be called Winter Lights to ensure that public money was seen to be used for the good of the whole community. I would add that the beautiful local school children’s designs chosen, include many traditional images of Christmas.

On behalf of all involved with INSPIRE, I’d like to point out that the organisation adopts an open door policy in all its projects and that it’s aim is to provide the people of the area and young people in particular, with opportunities to celebrate our cultural heritage in all its diversity. I believe with WINTERSONG, we’ve succeeded in producing an inclusive celebration and as the song says,

‘Auld and young folk – a’ the same,
Come and sing and light up Nairn!’

With best wishes for the festive season

OBO Alastair McDonald’'

Best wishes to you too Des. Gurn polls are not scientific at all and are basically for entertainment more that anything else, they usually contain a silly option or two. However this time round a betting man/woman might think the traditionalists have it.


Anonymous said...

Stuff the EU they are Christmas lights

Mary Christmas said...

Does Santa not visit Brussels then?

Anonymous said...

Were you part of the group blowing the Trumpets? Looks very much like it.

Graisg said...

Ok citizens of Gurnia, Des McC has been kind enough to put his name on the coupon, if you seriously want to have a go at him or anyone else who helped set the show up then in the same spirit of transparency why not put your own name up in lights?
Let's remember a lot of young people put a lot of hard work into this and they entertained us. Some of them come here too and let's not get them on a downer about getting involved in community events.
A debate is perhaps welcome however and the Wintersong team are not shy of allowing comment on their blog. See here for example