Thursday, November 19, 2009

Down with the President!

Off topic but then perhaps not really. Soon most of us in Nairn will have a chance to vote for our community council (any 5 from 7 on the coupon will do) but we are soon to have our first 'President' and excuse me but I didn't get a vote so not my president. Please go to another recent post and read the bad language Mr President. Yeah Mr Pres, you're not my choice, don't get me wrong Mr Pres, free trade and cooperation is a cool idea but no we don't need you. I want to live in Europe but not Euroland thank you very much. At least the Afghans had a vote (sort of) to choose their President.

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jjgittes1973 said...

Hey, whoa there cowboy! But now you're talking my talk and I like it.