Friday, November 27, 2009

Vicky wines doomed too - do the Co-op now have a bevvy carry-oot monopoly on Nairn?

Thanks to Anon who pointed us in the direction of a Herald article. That article gives a link to further list of booze stores to close in Scotland. Sadly Vicky wines is to go too. Recently the shelves in there have been pretty bare, so if they still have any of your favourite tipple left you'd better get down there fast because soon you'll have to go to one of Nairn's many co-op outlets if you want to get a carry-out in Nairn. The lights are going on in the High Street tonight but inside another shop they will be going out soon. All over Scotland 128 stores are closing and 700 workers are losing their jobs just in time for Christmas. Economic recovery?

Kopparberg pear cider no more soon? The bright lights still shine tonight however


Anonymous said...

And thats without the Cider.Maybe the Winterfest Lights dont shine so brightly as the Christmas ones.

boom and bust said...

As a nation we have increased the amount of spending at supermarkets, in turn many supermarkets that started out life selling just food items stock more or less the whole High Street in terms of variety and choice of goods. We are also increasingly using on line resellers for purchases.
In summary our need of High Street shops is in decline. Nairn whilst not having its own large supermarket is likely for the above reasons to see a decline in High Street stores, as has often been stated Nairn folk often shop outwith the town. Whilst we will no doubt lament the passing of any High Street businesses that close, we should be pleased that our High Street does still seem buoyant in terms of the number of shops open and trading, what I can’t say is how well they are doing in terms of profit or turnover, or how long some will be able to continue?
To lose both the towns off licenses in a matter of months is very sad but is a reflection of the way we now shop as consumers