Friday, November 06, 2009

Spinning sofas

Is the Spin taking the Nairn blogosphere's penchant for sofa worship too far?


Anonymous said...

No, Nairn is in desperate need of a Sofa whisperer. People need to understand how their Sofa's feel when they've been abandoned, how hurt they are. They also need to understand what happens to the Sofa when the migratory call comes and they start to head for the river; this is primal, they are not in control!
We should feel proud that Nairn has the world's first, and only, Sofa Whisperer.

Anonymous said...

Call on DFS (Ducks For Sofas) They have been very helpful in the past.

Nairnac said...

come back Pookie Candelabra, all is forgiven

Anonymous said...

I see there is a new kid on the blog!
A very washed out looking Washing Machine has appeared at the end of the street.Maybe hopeing to go for a spin down the river.?