Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nairn shopper loses nerve - shop too busy!

One of the Gurn's regular unreliable sources told us earlier today how he was looking forward to having a browse around Nickle and Dime but once he arrived there this afternoon (sorry yesterday afternoon) he couldn't go inside - it looked far too busy! 'The times they are a changing' on Nairn High Street. Reports again of at least one other consumer heading down the High Street with a new ironing board, could this too become a daily occurrence?


dr-grigor said...

we struggle to attract new businness to town and then when we do we are told its too busy, that just sums up the attitude of some of our towns folk ...need i say anymore !

Anonymous said...

I suppose its better than standing all alone, like a statue down in Viewfield.

Nairnac said...

I'm still surprised Highland Council allowed Nickel & Dime to open at all, after all, there's one in Inverness which Nairnites could easily use whilst they're at the Job Centre, Dole Office, Court, Planning Dept, Supermarket, Bonfire, Hogmanay Party etc etc etc..

Anonymous said...

OK, so I finally went for a look around the new Nickel & Dime store!
nicely laid out.
But stocking things you can get in Tradeway, Images, Ocassions etc etc... wonder how long before these shops shut!
I thought that Nickel & Dime were advertising for staff? I must have been in the shop 15 to 20 mins and the only member of staff I saw was 1 asian chap on the checkout? maybe all the staff were through the back watching the numerous cctv cameras.
Price wise, ok one or two things cheaper than other places and some more expensive so no real bargains there. Infact i see a lot of the cost price stickers are still on the products! oops am i saying to much!.
I would have thought it would have made better business sense to stock things you can't get in Nairn, nothing wrong with a bit of competition though i suppose.
All in all a reasonable shop