Wednesday, November 11, 2009

River Community Council election next week

Last night was the last meeting of the River Community Council before the election on the 17th of this month to be held in the Courthouse. Nomination papers are available if you wish to become a community councillor, you need the signatures of 6 voters who live in the area on your papers. If there are more than 5 candidates there will have to be a election by postal ballot. It seems you can even turn up on the night with your six supporters and submit yourself for election.
The Gurn understands that Margaret MacKintosh will not be standing for re-election this time round which is a pity as she has been very forthright on many issues that affect the community. Last night the council discussed many of the usual subjects, doo & horse poo, a bus service to the fisthertown, planning issues, the Firhall bridge ramp plan, proposed boundry changes, ltterbins, taxis in Douglas Street and elsewhere, Dutch Elm disease and many more interesting topics.

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