Friday, November 06, 2009

The Doc, Dexter and a sofa

Is the Doc both a sofa and a dog whisperer? Introducing Dexter the Doc's new canine pal.


Nairnac said...

Nothing to do with Dexter I'm afraid, but thought you might be interested that i just spotted the fact that Lochindorb Estate is on the market, and yes, it does include the actual Lochindorb itself, but oddly, not the island, which remains with Cawdor Estates !

If the gurnmeister has a spare £4,999,500 down the back of his sofa, the Nairnac could probably raise the additional £500 to make a joint bid for it.
I won't apply to build a windfarm, honest.

Graisg said...

Thanks for that Nairnac, I suppose the owner of the estate would have some difficulty selling an island that didn't belong to him lol.

woof said...

Which one is the DOC.?