Monday, November 23, 2009

Help St Ninian FC - find the flag

Another request today, this time from Colin Black he requests Gurnites for help:

Can you ask your readers if they can help find the League Championship flag the once flew up at the Showfield for Nairn ST Ninian.
Also if anyone has any programs, info etc in fact anything to do with Saints to get in contact. We are in the process of gathering as much info as we can on Saints for a new website.

UPDATE: this in from Donald Wilson:

'Sorry to hear St Ninian have lost their league flag. I was an official with the club at the time the changing rooms were built by Tullochs of Nairn. Sandy Tulloch, who was our Chairman for a while donated the flag as a gift and it was unfurled when we opened the changing rooms in March 1983 - a bitterly cold day if I remember.
The flag incorporated our league wins of 1975-76, 77-78,78-79 and 81-82 if my memory serves me correctly.
It was a great period in the clubs' history and Davie Johnstone was manager during the last three title winning seasons.
The changing rooms cost nearly £25,000 to build and they replaced the old stables which were used by Indian soldiers who were billeted at the Showfield during the Second World War. We secured a 21 year lease from the farmers and got grant assistances from the Highlands and islands Development Board, Highland Regional Council and Nairn District Council. I certainly hope it turns up. It's part of the football history of Nairn and commemorates the achievements of the club and its players who received no payment but played for the shirt.'

Donald Wilson.

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