Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finally something sensible on The Spin - Nairn needs more bloggers

The rot must be setting in now, after an increbibly creative and industrious start for the brand new blog on the block post number 73 contains sensible suggestions which you may want to comment on yourself. Why not nip over and say something silly to get them back on mission? And why not get blogging yourself? Remember though a blog is not just for Christmas!


Mal Function said...

"Nairn" (with a spin) has made an interesting choice of avatar.

Perhaps the image is meant to indicate a global perspective? Or an out-of-this-world approach?

Or maybe just spinning on its own axis?

Is "Nairn" really an extra-terrestrial? I think we should be told!

Nairn said...

Nairn with a spin is just your lives from a different dimension in time and space.

Most Spin stories will seem improbable but many of the places mentioned will seem familiar, just the effect of being in another dimension.

The Spin blog is able to get through a wormhole to reach your internet

The avatar is a picture of my planet also called earth, and as you may see the Spin never fails to write the unbelievable :-)