Thursday, November 05, 2009

Woolies building reopens as Nickel and Dime

Good to see the shop open again, at 10.00 a.m. a steady stream of people were heading into the store. One woman left carrying an ironing board and seemed very happy with her purchase, others emerged carrying smaller items. 12.45 update: a quick walk around finds a store where space has been utilised far more intelligently than woolies ever did. It does although have a woolies feel about it, it is after all the building we all know so well. It was great to see Nairnites greeting each other and chatting as they moved around to inspect the thousands of items to chose from. Many were buying. 'Haven't seen you for ages,' said someone to a friend. And you are indeed more likely to see Nairn people in Inverness, Forres and Elgin retail outlets rather than Nairn High Street. Nickel and Dime have gone some way to redressing the balance. All we need now is a Sainsbury's for Christmas but in the meantime Nairn's wet weather retail therapy centre is open once again.


Bill said...

I've just been for a walk around the re-opened store and agree it stocks a lot of useful and inexpensive stuff and is sensibly-organised. I didn't actually buy anything today, but I shall certainly be back from time to time; a lot of other people, though, seemed to be buying things. It's good to see the premises being used again.

Nairnac said...

I'm sure I saw Robbie Williams in there this morning looking for a wedding present.

Anonymous said...

it's great. better than woolies!