Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making it more like the movies for you

Big turn-outs reported for the three films shown by Cinema Nairn in the community centre today. If you want to help this group that wants to bring Cinema back to Nairn or if you would like details of forthcoming screenings then put the Cinema Nairn blog on your favourites list.

Jason Rose of Cinema Nairn introduces the third and final film 'I know where I'm going'.

UPDATE: just it from Cinema Nairn:

We had about 150 people in total for the three films with the 1945 black and white Highland-set romance 'I Know Where I'm Going' proving most popular. The audiences loved the films, giving roaring rounds of applause after each screening, and we received a huge amount of very positive comments and suggestions so we really feel we have a mandate to keep things going. Cinema Nairn: The Sequel! We are already thinking about further screenings, possibly around Christmas/New Year time. We'll keep people posted.

It was particularly heartening to have so many children at the Wizard of Oz. None had seen it on the big screen and they cheered, laughed and cried. We received lots of comments from audience members saying Nairn deserves a cinema back, that our ticket prices (£3 or £4 - half of what is normally paid elsewhere) were spot on and that people would attend regularly screenings, either monthly or weekly. There were also comments about how it makes so much sense to be able to walk to the cinema rather than a long drive with all the associated cost, time and traffic stress. Having said that there were actually several people in the audience who had travelled from Inverness and further afield.

I'd urge people interested to keep a check on our website: and we'd like to give a special thanks to the Community Centre for their superb help. They clearly understand the community value in what we're doing.

And of course many thanks to the Gurn for highlighting our efforts.

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