Saturday, November 07, 2009

That wedding!

A serious complaint from Mrs Gurnmeister this morning, we usually get a real dead-tree, non-virtual copy of the P&J every Saturday morning and today she nearly spat out the conrflakes whilst reading the news. The cause of her rage? The Press and Journal in its wedding coverage begins (after the headline), 'An Inverness-shire village..'
Even the Sun says 'Cawdor near Nairn.'


Anonymous said...

When will the media realise that 'celebrities' come to the highlands all of the time because they know the locals will just notice them and carry on as normal leaving them in peace to get on with whatever they are doing.

The Media have built this into a huge thing! Sorry i must be on a different planet to Cawdor because reading the press articles you would think 1000s of people are here and the worlds paparazzi have turned up when they have'nt.

Nairnac said...

Large crowd of both paparazzi and TT fans shivvering and screaming outside Cawdor church all afternoon.

Difficult to make out the happy couple and guests as they came and went by the back entrance of the church, only coming round the building to enter by the main door.

Bride and Groom were seen making a stylish departure in a VW camper van !

Like Robbie, Nairnac decided not to attend the ceremony, disappointing many of the female fans ;)