Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's Haddows that will close - plus other High Street matters.

A startled Gurnmeister was shocked to learn (whilst buying the evening's supply of Pear Cider) that it is Haddows that has been selected for execution by the administrators, it seems the Vicky Wines outlet made more money than the counterpart store up the street. It is hard to believe because Vicky wines always seemed to be a lot quieter. But there you go, the only bonus is perhaps even more people will be tempted to walk further down the High Street to purchase alcohol from a source other than the Co-op monopoly.
Speaking of the Co-op, a source told the Gurn of how she was horrified to see how much her son's favourite snack had gone up in price when the brand name changed from Somerfield to the Co-op. Disgusted, she returned home and in a flash of inspiration went on-line to order her weekly shop from ASDA. Not only is she now spending approximately £100 per week with another company but her mother has followed suit and is also ordering on-line. That is the sort of behaviour that could become contagious. Memo to the Co-op: Nairn punters can fight back - stop taking the piss. Sainsbury's bring it on!
Coming later the Highland Council expert who thought there would be little demand for the Nairn Woolies store, plus more evidence of how the Sun has more local Nairnshire knowledge than the Press and Journal on Take That wedding issues, neither of them have the profound local knowledge of the Spin however and the new blog on the block has even got a google map to help you.

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