Monday, November 30, 2009

Sliced green beans - the co-op alternative 39% dearer and 10% less veg

Just one example of the Co-op changeover that will probably drive even more shoppers onto the overcrowded A96 in search of better value and choice.

The Somerfield version is no more. It cost £1 and weighed a kilo. The co-op version weighs 907 grammes and costs £1.39.

As the French say, ' c'est la fin des haricots ! '


St Andrew said...

And as we Scots would say,"Just Another Bloody Con."

Jim said...

mackporoVery interesting..... Now for home (delivered) shopping, Tesco price is £1 for 1kg of 'Very fine sliced green beans' - frozen. ASDA also do 'Freshly frozen very fine whole green beans' at £1 for 1 kg.

Supermarket price structures are incomprehensible to outsiders, being a combination of price wars, what the supplier has been screwed down to, further discounts against increased volumes, what the market will stand, and how daft they think the customers are in that town - yup, differential pricing does exist.

Small local shops just can't buy the products at supermarket buying prices. Somerfield never was a discounter, but rather a large convenience stores chain. When the CO-OP bought them, I would have expected their prices to have eased down, given the additional volumes the CO-OP was getting.

In my opinion, the CO-OP should not be too far away from Tesco and ASDA on price and product quality.

The fact that they are significantly more expensive, without the same pressure as Tesco to show a return on capital employed, can only be put down to management and operating inefficiencies.

I ran my own SPAR and Costcutter shops for twenty years (only one at a time) and found that with Costcutter (and the NISA supply chain) we were genuinely able to buy groceries at a price which enabled us to compete with the main run of supermarket prices, ans still stay in business!

Sadly for my customers, when I retired, I sold out to Morning Noon and Night (now part of Scotmid Co-op) and I'm told that most prices just went up, and weekly turnover dropped right down. That's called customer choice.

honour bonza meas said...

has anybody any idea when the Sainsburys decision is due to get us out of this disgusting monopoly? I am fed up of paying premium prices for inferior products, as i dont own a car it is not always feasable for me to vote with my feet and as such have seen aproximately a £8 per week rise in my supermarket bill....deflation???? not in the co-operative republic of Nairn!

Graisg said...

THe Gurnmeister is clinging to the fantasy that the Scottish Government is going to give us a Sainsbury's for Christmas. The result of the inquiry should be due at any time.
Have you tried on line shopping? Heard great recommendations about it. As previously mentioned in another article one gurnite source told us of how she was so scunnered with co-op prices she ordered her usual £100 plus weekly shopping from Tesco and did the same for her mum.
There are ways of fighting back!

Jim said...

I should have added - from their website, SAINSBURY offer 'Whole french Green Beans', also at £1 for 1 kg.

I should also have added: planning decisions are swayed by public opinion. In Forres, proposals by a private developer to bring a supermarket rumoured to be Sainsbury (!), a garden centre, travel lodge hotel and other shops to the by-pass site where the Can-cans play, are being thwarted by an organised chorus of objections by the local voters.

Reasons cited appear to be 'We just don't like it', 'Forres is too big already' and 'it will ruin the existing Tesco supermarket, and they might pack up and go away'.

Local people don't want a travel lodge in Forres either - 'they would never stay there......'

I have no idea who might be behind the protests.

Graisg said...

Jim thank, you should have a blog pointing us in the direction of the best bargains and using your background in the industry to help us all understand Supermarket mind games both with us and between themselves :-)