Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Royal Burgh Community Council – Tain has one – the time has come for Nairn to follow suit!

Regular readers know that the Gurn has backed efforts for a single council before and that the title ‘Royal Burgh’ should be part of that title. With politicians at Holyrood level showing increasing interest in the role of community councils now surely the time has come for us to make a leap forward in restoring local democracy to the town.

Suburban Community Councillor John Mackie attended a recent meeting of the Association of Scottish Community Councils at Holyrood. He told members of the public at Nairn Academy last night that it was a very useful and well attended meeting and reflected the growing interest in community councils across Scotland.

He mentioned how the main political parties (apart from Labour at the moment) were interested in using the Community Councils to fill the role and democratic deficit left by the demise of many former town councils. He mentioned how one speaker said how it was important for communities to keep their former ‘Burgh’ titles alive.

The citizens of Tain are already streets ahead of Nairn here and their council is already called Community Council of the Royal Burgh of Tain’ and is referred to as such on Highland Council documents.

Now letting the world know we live in a ‘Royal Burgh’ won’t solve any of our problems but it would be a great marketing tool for Nairn. We have a great chance to move forward and demand out of the consultation process our own Royal Burgh Community Council.

If you think we should have a single council for the town then take part in the consultation. We would urge you to do this Gurnites, yes it is a bit of a pain taking part in all these consultations but this has to be done.

'The closing date to make submissions is Wednesday, 23rd December, 2009. Emails should be sent to Written submissions should be sent to CC Review, Highland Council, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness IV3 5NX.'

Incidentally, there is an article on community council issues and themes in the A96 corridor over on the APT blog.

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